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About Paksuite Cannabis

The Paksuite Platform

Paksuite is positioned for the future of cannabis. As the state of cannabis moves into federal legalization our marketplace model will empower the community of all cannabis cultivators, both small and large. Our platform will allow small growers and manufacturers to access buyers across the country while delivering an unmatched E2E experience. Central to our core mission at Paksuite is the concept of full transparency, breaking down barriers between cultivators and consumers to provide a seamless engagement and purchasing experience. Paksuite is a family of cannabis sellers and buyers that not only transact but also interact with one another to set the foundation for the world's largest cannabis e-commerce community.

Our plan.

Our plan is to create the largest cannabis community in the world. The Paksuite Marketplace is an online storefront-based platform that facilitates the transaction and fulfillment of cannabis product between cultivator and user.


How do we get there?

First, Paksuite will connect cultivators and users through a cannabis focused social community platform designed to harness engagement and form a loyal following. Second, Paksuite will convert our existing community to the Paksuite Marketplace users.


What is our timeline?

Paksuite’s is in the process of raising first round funding. Our team is hard at work building out the platform's community based features. We plan to launch community features by the March 2022 followed by the Paksuite Marketplace Launch in 2023.


Where are we headed?

Paksuite is founded on an ambitious vision, backed by a strong multidisciplinary team with experience in business, marketing and engineering. Our team's direction is clear: Build the largest cannabis based marketplace in the United States.

A Platform Designed For The Future Of Cannabis.


Growing an interactive, socially based platform engineered to harness engagement and build a strong following within the cannabis community.

The community aspect of the Paksuite Platform will serve as a go to destination for cannabis cultivators, consumers and enthusiasts alike. Our incentive and rewards based social structure will engage our users and facilitate meaningful conversation regarding the cannabis industry. This community will build a foundation of users curated for conversion to the Paksuite Marketplace upon launch.


Finding the perfect soil blend for our plants will allow us to produce consistent, quality, premium grade cannabis.


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Cultivating Paksuite Cannabis

Built For All

A platform for cultivators, consumers and enthusiasts alike.

Harvesting Discussion

Building relationships with likeminded people with likeminded goals.

Unmatched User Experience

A seamless user experience curated for the modern consumer and engineered for high usability.

Reward Based Engagement

Incentivizing user action with rewards based engagement tactics that retain users and increase general interest.

Cannabis Leaf Cannabis LeafHarvesting CannabisCultivating Cannabis

Paksuite Marketplace

Empowering cultivators of all sizes with a platform based on community and fueled by loyal consumers.

The Paksuite Marketplace will serve as a E-Commerce point of conversion for cultivators, big or small. A storefront atmosphere will empower cultivators to curate their brand for their ideal customers. Additionally, it will provide consumers with seamless access to their favorite products and the opportunity to explore unique products exclusive to their respective cultivators.
High End Cannabis Packaging


Cannabis Distribution

Buyer Seller Profiles

The framework for connecting cultivators and consumers in a meaningful way.

Paksuite Marketplace's buyer and seller profiles will allow both cultivators and consumers to customize their respective selling and shopping experiences. Enhanced business storefronts will empower cultivators to curate their unique brand that resonates with their ideal consumers and will allow users to deliver feedback via fully transparent reviews. Additionally, user preferences and profile settings will allow consumers to customize their shopping experience to ensure seamless and frictionless browsing and purchasing.
Cannabis Distribution

Robust Recommendation Algorithm

Delivering product offers designed to resonate with the individual.

Paksuite understands that in order to engage and convert the modern consumer into a purchaser on the Paksuite Marketplace, we will need a way to filter are diverse product offerings and deliver certain products to certain users based on the interests, motivations, personality traits and behaviors. Our recommendation algorithm will boost conversion rate while improving each users personal shopping experience.
Cannabis Distribution

Business Marketing Solutions

Providing avenues for cultivators to reach large audiences.

The Paksuite Marketplace Business Admin will provide a set of both free and paid tools that cultivators will be able to leverage to enhance their marketing efforts and increase visibility and reach within the platform. Some examples include paid placements on user feeds, a hierarchy of certifications and multi-channel automation tools.
Cannabis Distribution

Native Business Tools

Using the power of technology to allow cultivators to run their business seamlessly.

Paksuite Marketplace will provide a robust set of tools to handle checkout flows, payment processing, inventory management, fulfillment and much more. These tools will be designed to automate almost every aspect of the E2E user experience, from discovery, to purchase, to fulfillment and retention.


Cannabis Distribution

Paksuite's Distribution Model

The modern way for cultivators to deliver their product to consumers.

The Paksuite distribution model aligns with our goal of empowering the small cannabis entrepreneurs by providing logistics solutions that allows retailers to increase their reach while minimizing their logistics costs. Our plan is to offer our customers a full suite of inventory and shipping solutions that can elevate their internal efficiencies as well as their external customer base.
Cannabis Distribution

Modular Warehouses

A remote storage framework that is integrated directly into the Paksuite Marketplace.

Paksuite's modular warehouse aims to solve "the 1/8 problem" for wholesalers by providing them with extra room for excess inventory as well as a state of the art inventory management system and online store front, allowing wholesalers to access the consumer without increasing their physical footprint. The warehouses will be integrated into the Paksuite Marketplaces' inventory and fulfillment tools, allowing wholesalers to focus on their products while giving them access to customers across the country.
Cannabis Distribution

Autonomous Locker System

The last step in a distribution model engineered for efficiency and positive user experience.

The autonomous lockers will be strategically placed in highly populated areas that will allow customers to pick up their order contained in a fully secured locker with a order specific code. Paksuite's modular warehouse model will connect directly with its autonomous locker system to create a secure and compliant delivery framework. This system minimizes labor costs while improving user experience and accessibility.

A Message to Investors

The time is now.

Paksuite is evolving the cannabis revolution into the future by creating thoughtfully curated personal engagement between members of the cannabis community around the world. Our goal is to build the largest community of cannabis enthusiasts to create the best experience for our users. We have big plans and even bigger aspirations as we leverage technology to continuously improve the experience for our users.

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